Selling Craft Online – Where to Start?

This blog post covers a general overview to selling your crafts online – selling though online niche market places, shops and boutiques, directories and having your own shop on your website.

Where To Sell Your Craft Products Online

There are plenty of opportunities to sell your craft products online – from marketplaces to shops to social media

Online Market Places

Online marketplaces offer you a platform to build your own shopfront to sell your products though. They generally charge you a fee per listing and sometimes they take a commission on sales. They are already established and have good footfall but also lots of competition from other crafters. Generally you will need to be active in marketing your products to make the most of your marketplace shop.

Examples include etsy, folksy, misi and dawanda – Amazon and ebay can also be used – but I would recommend using the more niche marketplaces.


Online Shops and Boutiques

There are lots of Shops and boutiques where you can sell your products online – you must do your research as they can vary hugely in popularity.

These shops and boutiques will sell your products for you – they will market and promote and all you need to do is dispatch the work once sold – some shops you have to set up your own products on the site, where others you send pictures and they do the work for you.

You apply to join the shop or boutique and will only be accepted if you fit the criteria.

This option is usually more expensive with a large start up fee and then a commission on sales.

Examples include notonthehighstreet, wowthankyou and notmassproduced.

ECommerce Shop

Most website builders offer a eCommerce shop that you can add to your website – then you have your own shop attached to your website – a great idea if you are spending lots of time promoting via social media.

It gives you control.


There are lots of handmade and craft directories to join and list your business online – they usually link back to your website.

To many to choose from?

So now you have an idea about the different options available for selling your crafts online, next job is to do your research:

Research all the different sites:

Do your products fit with the other products on the site? What are the fees to join? Is there commission on sales and listing fees? What footfall does the website get?

Other privileges???

Maybe send an email to some of the companies already selling – ask advice and tips!

Once you have done your research decide which will work best for your craft business – give yourself achievable goals and a timeline and so you get on and do it.

My Online Professional Practice

Notonthehighstreet, Etsy, Website and Social Media

My online sales predominately come from notonthehighstreet – the start up fee was large and they take a commission on all sales, however they market and promote and get lots of customers and sales – they also work with the press.

I also sell through my two etsy shops – it takes lots of commitment – listing everyday (or as near as) and about 20mins a day faffing on the site – being active!

I have my own website, where I promote my work with a blog – although I choose to link my etsy shop rather than an eCommerce shop simply because I do not have time to promote both.

I use my social media to promote my website and to drive my sales.

This blog post just scrapes the surface of selling online and gives a general overview – I will be doing more posts covering how to boost your online sales in the next couple of weeks. So if you are interested in hearing more sign up to my blog in the bar on the right.


I make porcelain home decor, accessories, jewellery and buttons in Gunnislake, Cornwall. My work is inspired by the countryside surrounding my home in the Southwest.

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